Thursday, October 18, 2007

You can't take me anywhere

Today I went to a memorial service for a friend who passed away. He was a good man, but old, tired and sick. I was so happy to be able to say goodbye to him in the hospital a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, my dorktitude follows me into even the most somber circumstances. I only live 2 minutes from the cemetery where the service was to be held. I worked all morning and was determined to look decent for the occasion. Uh huh. So I hunted around for something nice-ish when I realized that I had purged nearly all of my nice clothing with the organizing. Nothing that remained was warm enough. Ok. I felt the stare of my jeans from across the room. Hmmmm. They are cleanish. And warm. And go with anything. HURRAY! Have pants, find top. Now this was tricky as I don't want to wear sweater as will have baby in sling which=pilly sweater. White t-shirt with new zip up sweater. Am genius. Load baby with cute hat and blankie into car and head off. Notice something out of corner of eye. Cannot believe it. IS STAIN. Crappity crap. Indian food. Last week's curry was delicious, mmm, curry. Oh well, must get going, no time to turn back. Sling will cover stain! Hurray!

Service is very nice, decide not to wear sling so others can hold baby. Except, crap, stain is exposed. Jolly good. Certainly no one will notice. I check Ruby over during service. What a cutie she is! But wait! What is that on her hat? Who spilled coffee on her effing hat? oh. Hopefully no one will notice. Wrap blanket around her head to disguise discretion. WHAT.IS.THAT. Candy stuck to the blanket? This cannot be happening.

After the service I grabbed my stain trifecta and headed off to the after-gathering.

I really should have headed home to hit the spray and wash. And then the bottle.

P.S. Bill, I hope that you have remembered what fun is on the other side. Rest well, friend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything I own is stained with "Nectar of the Gods"~ Feel your pain! It was important You were there in all your "stained glory"~ Folks I am, sure were looking at your baby, anyhoo!

You know,.. there is a "Kirsten Fan club", headed by my father (A.K.A: Java Man, Deanie, or Crappa!)
I am sure your friend Bill has been corraled in to the land of "Giant Never ending Coffee tankards"~ Where I am sure most have stains of Java dribbles!


10:39 AM  
Blogger Kian said...

Whst are you doing blogging *my* life?

11:15 AM  

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