Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I must've blinked because Christmas and New Years just flew by. After so many weeks of preparation, it was a lovely couple of days spent with family and friends. Goldie got several lovely gifts and I am the proud owner of a new ipod! We also did a series of mini-trips around.

Davey and I went on a lovely anniversary/babymoon to the beach. Sans Goldie. I really didn't realize what a difference it would make to go away just the two of us, but I feel awesomely rejuvinated. Then we swooped in for the kid and took of for Seattle to check out Ikea for some storage solutions. Now we have long reffered to Costco as the $200 store. When we first started our foray into Ikealand we started joking that it was the $700 store. By the time we dragged our fat asses to the checkout with swedish-meatball juice still gushing down our faces we were calling it the Holy-shit-did-you-pay-the-mortgage store. We got a ton of stuff we really needed, and some we didn't. All of it is awesome though. In about 6 months we are getting our own swedish meatball land here about 5 miles from our house and then it looks like our lives will be completely taken over by a smorgasborg of budget birch veneered flat boxes.


Anonymous Stephanie said...

We're going up to Ikea in a couple weeks. It may prove to be disastrous on our budget!

Can't wait until we finally get one in Oregon!

4:38 PM  

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