Friday, December 01, 2006


My little rubber room is becoming a reality! I've got construction guys banging away, putting up walls and installing windows and putting on siding! I am so excited to finally have a place to hang out with Goldie and play and not have her tug on cords or eat paper or ruin my hardwoods. I think if everything goes right we will be in by Christmas! Hurray!

My eating habits have really changed this time around. Where Goldie was gestated on sour gummy worms, choco dino bites and coke, this one prefers apples and strawberries and water. I am hoping that some of this eating will stick with me as I am really enjoying it. Maybe it is just because I subconciously know that my body can't take another round of compounding pregnancy and is trying to keep it to a minimum. Now if I could just stop the gallons of milk from flowing into my veins, but since I still have moderate morning sickness, it seems to calm my tummy. Oh well, I am still down a pound from my first check in so at 22 weeks I am not complaining. My midwife thinks that if I can keep it to 10 lbs gain that would be for the best.


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