Thursday, December 07, 2006

Molars of Doom

I never thought that construction would get me so excited! I went out and picked the paint and ordered carpet yesterday. Soon I will be relaxing in my new room! My mom has a play kitchen for Goldie so she will definitely be excited to have a new place to play.

Also, does the morning sickness never end? I am at 23 weeks, with no end in sight! At least it is manageable now, only about 3 hours a day compared with 18 hours a day a few months ago. Davey and I are getting ready for our babymoon/anniversary trip the first of the year. We have childcare lined up and will be packing up all my pillows and heading out....somewhere.....haven't decided where yet, but I have narrowed it down to within driving distance because flying doesn't sound very relaxing.

I think G is getting molars. Holy hell we are all going to die. I give her ibuprofin and extra love....any other ideas? Seriously, these molars are going to kill me


Blogger LittleRazz said...

happy babymoon! have a great time and don't worry. also, don't listen to all those people who tell you not to talk about the baby. i HAD to talk about the baby but not to the point where it interrupted the romantic spirit of the outing. :)

5:19 PM  

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