Monday, June 08, 2009

The llama (not the mama)

I always know that it is time to update when I get requests from my Facebook peeps (I am looking at you Katy). The past few weeks have been a lot of fun because I have dared leave the house. With my children. To do Activities That Actual Children Might Enjoy, instead of the chronically unpopular Mama, You Aren't Seriously Taking Us To Buy Pull-Ups Again, Are You? We went to the Jr. Rose Festival Parade. It was hot. We ate Mcnuggets of dubious nutritional content and Ruby drank 32 oz of iced tea followed by two days of Not Sleeping. Overall? It was an awesome day. Friends, music, clowns, people on stilts ("Mama, why is she SO TALL?") and it was one of the few times I can recall an event turning out to be as fun in reality as my expectations.

Then there was The Llama. Ruby was so excited at the prospect of seeing an actual llama that she had to go for it. And then I rescued her because that is, you know, kind of my job.


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