Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Not today

I would totally love to tell you share an interesting story about our lives or a chuckle to start your day about how my little darling did something....well.....darling. But not today. Today I am recovering from my own personal barf fest 2007.

If I felt better I would regale you with my tale of woe, how no one deserves to get the stomach flu 4 times in 7 months, but I am afraid it would bore you. *As a practical side note, I will tell you that it is wise to sit on the toilet whilst you empty your stomach of the past 3 days of pesky meals into a bucket-type device because you will be so happy to have saved yourself the humiliation and laundry that "pooping the floor" will surely bring you.

Maybe something more interesting tommorow. Maybe. If the world stops spinning.

*This little gem brought to you from bout with stomach flu #2 of 2007


Blogger Mixed Up Me said...

I hope you're feeling better soon!! I read through this post and thought you said "bar fest 2007" Then when I read about the stomach flu, I had to read again and then it all made sense!!
Take it easy . . . easier said than done with two kids, I know, but try. Get Better!!!!

10:35 AM  

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