Monday, July 02, 2007

Her Way

Since Goldie was just a wee fetus I dreamed of taking her too the zoo. I fantasized about it the way some people do about the perfect Christmas with the Perfect Tree and The Perfect Turkey until the one of Perfect Children spill some of their Perfect Cranberry Sauce on their Perfect New Shirt and they have the Perfect Meltdown.

That's kinda how it went down at the zoo last Saturday. I dreamt of a magical mother-daughter time discovering animals. It turned out somewhat different. I should have known how it was going to go when I was trying to skip the Bat exhibit and she freaked out because the bats? They are better than Elmo. The way they eat fruit, hang upside down, chew their tongues and FREAK ME THE HELL OUT, to her? Awesome.

I totally shouldn't have let her have let her navigate, because she led us to every lame exhibit the zoo has to offer.

Then when I took her to see the cool animals she was all like "Done!"

I knew she would LOVE the Tigers! Everyone LOVES tigers!! Um, no. She loves big leaves.
See? Even Ruby was surprised at the utter lameness
In the end, I realized that this was about Goldie discovering the world, her world. I just let her get excited over the things that fascinated her. Like the empty exhibit where there is a large puddle of water!! YES YES YES!
I totally bought an annual pass so I can teach her the right way to enjoy the zoo on another day because watching your child's face light up at the sight of litter on the path to the elephants=totally amazing.


Blogger Her Grace said...

Sometimes, when we try to see it through their eyes, we just miss the mark! My kids love the zoo too...happy scouting!

8:30 PM  
Blogger Melanie said...

but you skipped the part where she pooped her pants!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous maryp said...

She'll get there. When we lived in a city with a zoo, my eldest (then three years old) could direct us to the elephant enclosure from the front gate. Blind-folded, I'll swear.

My niece, when taken to the zoo at about Goldie's age? She called everything bigger than a foot high "doggie". Everything smaller was "kittie". Except the great big male silverback gorilla. That one? He was "daddy".

My niece is now 23, and it still makes me laugh. Bwah-ha...

5:51 AM  

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