Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mama be busy

Mama is busy yo. I gots me tha new pup and all. She is so incredibly cute, but unfortunately it turned into sort of a rescue. From a real live trailer park. From people who said "did you know that in California people look down on you if you live in a trailer park?" I had no fucking idea yo. Sad sad world you live in. So the poor babe weighs like 10 lbs and she should be double that, you can see her ribs and she snores. And has bad breath. She does, however, score a 10 on the cuteness scale. She is also in love with Goldie, but who isn't really?

I had a massive fever on Friday night and when it went away about 20 cold sores were born on my lip. I can't even leave the house and my husband is considering moving out to get away from my herpe lip. It's a lonely world out there yo.


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