Sunday, April 24, 2005

Feeling productive....sort of

So yesterday I made the first attempt in a long time to work on my career and do something that doesn't involve laying around in bed. I took the Foreign Service Written Exam. For those of you who don't know about the Foreign Service, it is the US State depts. branch that takes a few (very few) folks and sets them loose in other countries as diplomats (to run consulates etc.) The first step is taking the written exam (I think 35,000 took the test yesterday) and then a few pass, take an oral exam where barely anyone passes and then they offer about 250 folks their dream jobs.

I'm not sure what my facination with living abroad is. I loved living in Mexico so much I guess it has become a lifelong goal for me. I am so lucky that David feels the same way and really would love to move anywhere I go. The weird thing is that in the U.S. I think that Portland really is the best place for us, if I were to move, it would have to be somewhere Spanish speaking and warm. Something about the pace of life in latin countries really turns me on. Anyway, after the baby is born and we have used up our FMLA I think I will start looking more seriously.

The babe is doing well, I mean, she's still in there. That's a good thing. I did some research on preemies born at 25 weeks and the outcomes are not good. She might live, but not have the kind of life I dream of for my little chiquita. So, she will just have to stay in at least another 10-15 weeks to cook. I am getting bigger, but I still don't think I am showing yet. Weight gain is at 14 lbs. which I might bring up :( due to the most shameful craving I have had yet. I want a donut more than I can explain. I am fighting it, but don't know how strong I can be......will keep you posted!


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