Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Decieving no one but myself

So I have a major problem linking my pregnant self to the rest of me. I seem to be under the impression that I can hide my belly under big clothes and be icognito whenever I feel like it so as to avoid the stares and belly rubs that have become part of the deal. Today I thought that I fit into the "people will just think I am overweight" style of dress and I was totally foiled!! People still knew! Ahhh, the days that I was longing to show! And even stranger is my desire to hide it!! I think that I have officially lost it.

The great thing about being 25 weeks pregnant is even though I dont' exactly feel good, I often forget that I am pregnant and start to think about other important stuff such as, oh, my job lets say. I mean, I actually get work done sometimes!! Woo hoo, I can't believe it myself :)


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