Monday, May 28, 2007

Mighty Fine

A great weekend memorializing was had by all here at Chez Davey. Before my secret plan to squirrel myself and the girls out of the house playing with our friends while Davey did the housework to "keep them out of your way, honey" was unmasked, it was basically one party after another. For those of you who know us in real life you may be asking "But didn't Ruby's 2nd double ear infection in 3 weeks with bonus bulging eardrum keep you at home?" The answer would be Hell to the No. The antibiotics and Tylenol flowed freely and the mindnumbingly awesome sangria helped muffle the screaming.

We kicked off the weekend with a visit to the pediatrician for the aforementioned ear problems and then moved on to dinner with my mother. Saturday morning we headed over to our friends The Mexicans and they stuffed us like pinatas with chicken enchiladas with mole just because they like us. Who knew? The rest of the day was a blur except for the dinner visit from the girls' Godparents. I love having them over because we supply the booze and cute kids, and they bring dinner. The only tragedy of the evening was Goldie's introduction to butter. A well meaning person spread it on her cornbread and she spent the rest of the meal trying to shake the cornbread off of her butter because, Goddamn, butter is tasty.

After church on Sunday we headed off to Saint Tanya and CO. for a BBQ. I sort of want to move in with them because their house is always clean, they don't mind poopy diapers and they BBQ copious amounts of expensive meats. Chicken? sure. Steak? No problem? Side of Smoked salmon? (oh jebus THE SALMON) They got you covered. In addition to all of this THEY ACTUALLY INVITE MY TODDLER TO SLEEP OVER AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK BECAUSE THEY LIKE HER. Like manna from heaven these folks. They also insist that we sleep in and no I won't give you their number.)

We finished off the weekend by inviting David's friends over for pork loin with honey chipotle salsa and sangria. It was totally by accident that I made a triple batch of sangria for 4 people. Silly, silly me. Now I am stuck having to finish it off during naptime this week so it won't go bad, wouldn't want to waste all that healthy fruit now would I?


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