Thursday, November 03, 2005

Not to brag or anything....

But my kid is an overachiever. While other 3 month olds are calmly oogly-googley under their activity mats, my kid is screaming. You want to know why? She is cutting a tooth! At three months. Christ on a Cracker this is early. I now dose her up with gas drops, tylenol, teething tabs and oragel. At the same time. Save judgmental comments for yourself as we also give her small squares of sheet metal to chew on and stick her fingers in light sockets when she is bad.

I think I complain too much about my little sweetness. I think I complained too much about my pregnancy. Really. She is an amazingly good baby, sleeps twelve hours straight at night since 1 1/2 months (I will duck whilst you throw sharp, heavy objects at my head). She lets everyone hold her, eats like a champ and rarely cries. I really do love me some Goldie.


Blogger Jake said...

Dont you thing the oragel is just allittle unesisary? you would think that anymore chimicals would send the child into shock, lol. on second thought oragel is only the coolest thing out there. Give em more!

6:42 PM  
Blogger Rae said...

Such a good kid you have! 12 hours straight? Damn you're lucky! My 9 year old got her teeth early too. She then lost them early and grew her adult teeth early too. Only downside is I'm scared she'll get dentures early too, as she never brushes and I'm fully aware that these are now her permanents! Oh well, I just try and remind her to go brush 'em. Hope Goldie is better at doing that when she's 9! :)

8:57 PM  
Anonymous rachel said...

lmao! you said christ on a cracker! that's the funniest shit i've heard all week! =)

10:13 AM  
Blogger notasoccermom said...

I drug my kids all the time- Don't feel bad.
It's the EXACT same list of drugs you use
too funny

1:13 AM  
Blogger Mom on the run said...

12 hours straight at night? Wow! That may have contributed a bit to the low milk supply thingy - also, since she's 3 months you may be starting to ovulate and scary enough - get your period. That totally causes my milk to dip to low levels for a few days. Again, I say - don't worry about it.

(Gosh - I'm starting to sound like the LLL - trust me, it's cause I'm too cheap to buy formula, not bc I'm a huge BF'ing advocate...)

11:23 AM  

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